Monday, July 18, 2011

Inside the O.R.

Henry is texting me and I'm expanding on the details as any good little technologically-savvy sister would do for her big brother. Lisa is numbed up and got her spinal. There are 7 people in the OR consisting of docs, nurses, anesthesiologist, Christina Yang, etc. Whoops - did I say that? Just joking. The docs are scrubbed up and the incision is about to occur. Henry will not see the incision he assures me. The barrier is up. Baby soon...

Sheridan just arrived! She came bearing gifts of a-may-zing cookies from Specialty's. While we nosh on macadamia nut, chocolate chip cookies, etc. Lisa is now going on 15 hours without food although she's getting all her nutrients vs saline drip and other tasty IV's. We look like a serious CNN press team here on the 2nd floor. Call me Lisa Ling and Curt is Maury Povich. Or I guess that makes me Connie Chung. Always wanted to be her...


  1. So, how many Apple CPU's are in that room anyway???

  2. I have a photo you'll enjoy of Henry hacking into the hospital servers ... on a PC!!!