Monday, July 18, 2011

Critique of the LPCH Cafeteria Food by HSK

While we are waiting for something to happen (they tell me that Lisa is next but they're just waiting for the last patient to get out of the room) we will write a very Henry-esque post on the cafeteria food here at LPCH. As you all know, Henry loves food. He is one to critique the food choices, textures, and variety of foods presented whether at Caffé Macs or Denny's. Well, at LPCH I was surprised by the variety offered. I opted for sushi and seaweed salad while Henry went for the Grilled Philly Cheesesteak sandwich. My husband opted for the enchiladas complete with refried beans and rice - a healthy choice - NOT!

The grille was the fastest Henry had seen. Completed with sautéed onions and peppers it was a feast fit for a dad-to-be. Other choices included pre-packaged salads, sandwich bar, salad bar (looked a little sparse), hot entree (mexican) and your typical granola bars, yogurt parfaits, and the like. When asked if Henry was nervous he replied, "not really but my stomach has felt a little tight since yesterday".

Latest update - the doctor just stopped by and they're just waiting on the anesthesiologist to come by so that Lisa gets the right medication prior to going in. She will be awake for the procedure.

Waiting for Sheridan to arrive with treats from Specialtys where she works - yum.

More soon...

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  1. Too darned funny! I love how the lunch selections are utterly predictable -- kudos to Curt for adroitly playing the middle between seaweed salad and cheese steak. Love the posts Helen, please keep 'em coming! (by the way, this is Rick in case my Google profile is only suggesting an obscure HHGTTG character . . .)