Sunday, July 17, 2011

The day before Lisa's scheduled C-section

Curt and I arrived into Cupertino around 11:30 am to find the mom-to-be cleaning up the garden. Yes, I can tell the maternal instincts are in full throttle as Lisa was trimming trees, rose bushes and the like outside like it was any other day. Obviously this is a woman who likes to get things done! Lisa seemed to be in great spirits and I can tell that "nesting" is in full force at the Nest (Henry & Lisa's place). Just a few days ago they finished up their big project of moving the washer and dryer upstairs in order for the future loads of laundry to be done closer to where all the bedrooms are located. Where the washer/dryer used to be on the first floor I found a cute little downstairs nursery for the "little monkey" as Lisa has been calling the baby. Complete with a sink close by the bedroom nursery has lot of storage and is conveniently close to the kitchen and Henry & Lisa's home office. Convenient for Henry as he does all the late night and early morning feedings being the nocturnal one that he is!

Bob and Jessie have been here this week just in case the baby decided to arrive early. This will be their 8th grandchild and my parent's 4th. Tonight we all went out to dinner in downtown Sunnyvale where we enjoyed mediterranean food at Taverna Bistro. Great food but after eating so much you'd think I was the pregnant one!

After midnight tonight there's no drinking or eating for Lisa. We'll head over to the hospital tomorrow late morning for the 12-noon planned C-section. Please check the earlier post regarding visiting and maybe best to wait until we give you the "all clear" signal from both the hospital staff and the mom and dad.

Sleep tight!

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