Monday, June 27, 2011

Three weeks and counting...

So the couple is three weeks away and counting! I'm excited beyond belief. I emailed Lisa since I am up to my eyeballs in work with two young sons, a full time career and training for a marathon.

So here is my "virtual" interview with "second-time-round-mom-to-be" Lisa Eileen Parker Kim (what a mouthful!):

Q - How are you feeling Lisa?
A - Good, tired, waddly, swollen feet/ankles/legs, so totally normal!

Q - How are the baby's moves?
A - He is kick, kick, kickin'!

Q - is the baby head down? (not that it matters right? - Lisa is having a c-section)
A - Yes, head down

Q - are you craving anything?
A - Ice cream, and of course I would still kill someone for a piece of cake and a cosmo ;•)

Q - any indigestion?
A - I gave up the dark chocolate therapy and the acid reflux stopped, so I am good now.

Q - is everything on track?
A - So far so good. I go back on Tuesday for another check up.

Q - are you having more BH's. ( Brxon Hicks?)
A - Not right now, these are almost non-existent these days.

Q - how is Henry doing? Will he take any time off from Apple or BIG FUN?
A - Henry is a bit stressed trying to finish up before the 18th. He is taking 12 weeks off from Apple and 6 weeks from BF. LOTS to do, poor guy!

Q - Any final comments?
A - Everything for the hospital is getting set out and ready to put in my suitcase. The nesting instinct is kicking in- yahoo! Clean clean clean.

YAY Lisa & Henry & soon to be big sis, Sheridan! We will keep everyone posted. Stay tuned and feel free to post best wishes on the blog.

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