Friday, June 17, 2011

T-Minus four weeks and counting....

Welcome to BIG FUN Baby! This is the official blog for Henry & Lisa's bundle of joy which is currently still "cooking" ;-). They have about 4 more weeks to go and as we all know, "anything can happen" so I thought it might be good to send this out to build the excitement.

I called Lisa yesterday on my way home from work and she said that at this stage it's taking longer to do things and that she has a little bit of water retention but nothing too bad at this point. Her visits to Stanford are weekly and consist of stress tests to ensure that her amniotic fluids are normal and that the baby is growing and developing normally. The doctors predict the baby to be about 6 lbs already so she is returning some NB (newborn) clothes that she got from her shower. She has one more shower to go. Boy will Lisa be nice and clean as she goes to the hospital :-)!

We spoke for awhile about how many contractions she is currently having. Hard to tell if they're simply braxton hicks or anything more serious. For those of you who who are men or who haven't been pregnant (which should be one and the same), braxton hicks are "false" contractions but can happen throughout pregnancy. Lisa is reporting to have these false contractions about 2-3x/hour. The doctors told her that if they get up to 4/hour then she must come in to LPCH (Lucille Packard Children's Hospital where she will be delivering). They basically don't want her to go into labor otherwise that will be considered an emergency C-section. She told me that with Sheridan she was in labor for 17 hours and Sheridan's birth WAS an emergency c-section. That's why Sheridan has such a perfectly shaped head - no fair! I think I was pulled out with tongs and to this day I have some divits in my head. Lisa is still active despite having a cold a few weeks ago. She posted that she swam for 10 minutes on facebook and I commented that that was very good as even when I'm in shape I can barely go longer than 30 minutes without getting wiped out!

I'm wondering how my brother will fare in all of this but I figure he's seen both of his sisters go through this so this will be surreal perhaps for him. Anyways, Curt and I are going to be his "press" team so please check back often to hear the latest and greatest with BIG FUN Baby!

I'm BEYOND excited as I know both Henry & Lisa will be great parents and our boys are dying to have a cousin younger than them!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Please feel free to pass this on to folks who know Henry & Lisa.

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